Sticky Fingers

Monday, April 27, 2009

My entries in the JHS Flower Show 2009

This year I was persuaded to take in some plants for entry in the Jamaica Horticultural Society Flower Show 2009, which was this past weekend. I managed to persuade my aunt to enter some plants also.

These were my entries:

Aloe "Pepe" descoingii x haworthioides
- earned a third place award.
Aloe 'pepe' descoingsii x haworthioides

Echinopsis calochlora
Echinopsis calochlora

Second place award for
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Surprise for me!
Euphorbia baioensis got a first place ribbon
Euphorbia baioensis

Euphorbia debilispina
Euphorbia debilispina

Gymnocalycium damsii
Gymnocalycium damsii

Haworthia attenuata 'variegata'
Haworthia attenuata

Third place for the Mammillaria beneckei.
My aunt's two plants took first and second.
Mammillaria beneckei

No award for this Sansevieria scabrafolia
Sansevieria scabrafolia

This Agave got a red ribbon - second place

Not sure if I want to do it again next year but it was a good experience and I haven't ruled it out yet. Still have quite some time to think about it and be more prepared if I decide to go again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Petunias bloomed!

Well, all the hard work to try to keep the zinnias and petunias from dying an early death has resulted in some flowers! I'm not sure that any of the zinnias have survived, but two petunias have bloomed this week, so there may be hope yet for me and my not-so-green thumb. I didn't even pot them up from the seed tray so I probably stunted them greatly.

Just to show off the two blooms (no guarantee that there will be more, right?)...

Petunia Photobucket

I've entered some plants in the JHS show, which is this weekend, so I will post some photos of my entries and MAYBE others from the show (if I get to doing that).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blooming this week

I managed to get some photos taken this week in the garden.

These are the blooms I was able to capture.

Mammillaria vetula ssp gracilis
Mammillaria vetula ssp gracilis

Mammillaria dixanthocentron
Mammillaria dixanthocentron

Rebutia sp

Mammillaria nivosa
Mammillaria nivosa

Notocactus horstii purpureus
Notocactus horstii purpureus

I'll try to write a little bit more about each of these later.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My thumb is not very green

Today I came home in the afternoon to find the young tomato plants keeled over from lack of water. I was almost certain that I had watered them last night but obviously I did not! This may just be too much work for me, but I will continue to try. These plants need to be put into the ground now, and hopefully someone else can take responsibility for watering and keeping them alive.

Although a few of the petunia seedlings died, several are thriving and I try to remember to water them also - the zinnias haven't fared so well. Maybe I should stick to what I have learned to grow so far... plants that thrive on neglect. As I continue to diversify....