Sticky Fingers

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Notocactus horstii purpureus first bud

Too early to say first bloom, and I have had others of my plants grown from seed put out buds and then fail to bloom. Worse yet, I have never had any of my other (mature) Notocactus show me any flowers here so my only experience is with the Notocactus ubelmannianus in Boston.

Here is my nice, just over 4 years old, Notocactus horstii purpureus, sowed in May 2003.

I got this seed from Glenhirst Cactus Nursery in the UK, and I didn't get a great survival rate from the 143 species that they sent me because it was my first real attempt at seed-raising and I did SO MANY THINGS WRONG! Maybe I have 30 plants still alive out of the whole exercise, if so many.

I spotted something that looked like a bud last week or weekend, and wasn't sure if I was seeing right. I just didn't expect it.

I took these photos today, and looking at it close up, I am sure it is a bud.

Now I just have to keep on doing whatever I was doing so that it becomes a bloom. Which means, leave it out there in the sun and rain and let it grow. How can I keep myself from getting excited and anticipating something great? I don't want to get my hopes up, but... I just have to hope for the best.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cereus pernambucensis

I was surprised to see this Cereus pernambucensis (grown from seed 2003) send out a bud.

The even more amazing thing is that it is just the top of the plant waiting for roots since ...

... it got broken after Hurricane Dean passed by in August.

Must be the stress. It had another bud but has aborted it.

It bloomed last week and I wasn't even here to see it. So disappointing. I still haven't even seen the photo.