Sticky Fingers

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No more rain

I guess it was a passing one-day shower. No more rain since, and no water in the pipes either. It's getting worse and worse but I still have to find recycled water to sprinkle the babies because they don't have the reserves to withstand totally dry conditions for too long.

I haven't even sown any more seed although I have some I got in January, because the conditions just don't seem conducive and it's hard for me to get them through the initial stages without enough moisture. I continue to hope for a change in weather, and will try to post some photos from earlier this year.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today it rained

It has been a long season of drought and it's a good thing that I grow the type of plants that I do else they would all be DEAD! Even so, they all seem to enjoy a good shower of rain, and they surely do perk up and show visible growth when they are able to get a good drink.

I'll have to give the ones out in the garden a quick look-over in the morning to see how they have responded to today's rains. Hoping for more showers so that we cna get regular water back into the pipes!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick update

What can I say? I've been taking some photos but just not posting them to show what's been happening in my garden.

Today I noted one of my tiny plants blooming - Turbinicarpus klinkerianus grown from seed in April 2007, and I have to publish that, if nothing else.