Sticky Fingers

Friday, June 19, 2015

Some first flowers

Loving the new blooms that show up as my collection matures.

Some first blooms this summer...

Mammillaria neopalmeri

Melocactus concinnus

Mammillaria mainiae

Hamatocactus sinuatus

Mammillaria zeilmanniana

Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis

Mammillaria dioica

Monday, June 08, 2015

Mammillaria/Dolichothele species

I have a fascination with these species with prominent and distinct bright green tubercules.  Some of the members, however, have me uncertain of how they fit in, but I figure that it is the bright yellow flowers.

So here are some of mine (in bloom or otherwise)

Mammillaria sphaerica
Generous and willing bloomer

This M. sphaerica grows but hasn't flowered for some years now - nor will it clump...

Mammillaria camptotricha
This is my own ID for this plant - it hardly stops blooming and regularly creates offsets.

Dolichothele baumii
On;y one is willing to bloom while the others just continue to clump

Dolichothele uberiformis
No blooms to date on any of these but I am still ever hopeful

Mammillaria longimamma
I think this has bloomed once but whatever I did right I haven't done again.

Mammillaria balasoides/beneckei
Two varieties: No problem with blooming - just hoping that I will get some fruit with viable seed!

Dolichothele decipiens FO-140

Mammillaria melaleuca
From seed under this name but I think it is the wrong ID.  It doesn't exactly match the M. longimamma so it remains in my collection as melaleuca until someone can give me a better option