Sticky Fingers

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Astrophytum blooms

So I have started to feel that I'm not doing too badly with Astro's anymore.  It used to be that whenever I would pot up a seedling, it would get vexed and keel over on me.  Now I am having better luck in growing them up and keeping them alive to reach blooming size.

This summer, several Astrophytm senile v aureum have been blooming, and amazingly, I have no photos of an open bloom.  The closest is this one (from seed 2007), despite the fatc that I brought an open bloom into the house last week (then went off to work without taking the picture  - too late by the time I got home).

Astrophytum capricorne (sowed 2007) has shown a few flowers this season.

My only surviving Astrophytum myriostigma from seed (2009) bloomed for the first time this year - I missed the first flower but caught the second one today (quite by chance, but I am happy).