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Friday, August 29, 2014

This has been a floriferus month!

So many blooms to enjoy this month. Some I have shown already but many are hidden away in my files.

This week was a first for Echinopsis werdermanii sown in March 2006 - lovely pink

I think I have only once before ever had blooms from Mammillaria baumii, but this plant bloomed earlier this month and is flowering again now.  This is one of the smallest.

My ten-year old Mammillaria albicoma has blooms on one head only - hoping the rest will follow suit before the season is done.

Several pink/purple mamms showed their colours:

Mammillaria insularis (sowed 2008)

Mammillaria sheldonii-like

Mammillaria matudae (sowed 2006)

Mammillaria hubertmulleri (sowed 2008)

Mammillaria boolii (sowed 2007)

I am expecting some Turbinicarpus to open up this weekend so I will share those when I can.  Such tiny plants with such powerful blooms - always lovely!


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