Sticky Fingers

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fruity nivosa

My Mammillaria nivosa is now well in fruit after several rounds of blooms earlier this year. I'm tempted to reap the fruit so I can sow the seed but I'm holding back and watching them so I can reap when they are getting ready to fade. I only hope I can still get good seed.

I have a few of these seedlings that are coming along well, and I find these fairly easy to grow so I want to try some more. At worst, I'll end up with too many and need to sell or give some away.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


This is the only Pachypodium I own - I've had it for a few years but was not confident that I knew what conditions it liked. So I gave it lots of protection and it has been languishing in the shade of a philodendron under the shelter of an awning - getting little sun and little water. It stayed alive, but not much was going on in terms of growth.

I pulled it out into the "open" early in July, and it has been so happy to get the rain - I can hardly believe it is the same plant! I hope it continues to do well.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


So I just need to post something, since I've been so delinquent. It's not that nothing has been happening but I have too much to do and no time to blog!

It's been raining nearly every day for weeks now and although the mature plants are holding up well (only a few casualties), a whole tray of seedlings took sick and several of them expired. They're stronger than I thought, though, and the rest are still alive but now need to re-root -I hope that will happen soon. Most of them are Mammillarias about a year and a half old. I lost a few that I only had one surviving seedling, but such is life. The younger batch of seedlings is still doing well.

I picked up an Agave at the Denbigh agricultural show, and I think it is Agave geminiflora - I'll have to see how it changes as it matures.

Several old faithful Mammillarias are coming back into bloom now, but some have been opening secretly since I just can't seem to see them open, much less to catch them on camera. I'll keep trying, though.

So that's my quick update, until....