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Saturday, September 16, 2006


This is the only Pachypodium I own - I've had it for a few years but was not confident that I knew what conditions it liked. So I gave it lots of protection and it has been languishing in the shade of a philodendron under the shelter of an awning - getting little sun and little water. It stayed alive, but not much was going on in terms of growth.

I pulled it out into the "open" early in July, and it has been so happy to get the rain - I can hardly believe it is the same plant! I hope it continues to do well.


  • Hi Jade. I love pachypodium too. It's gorgeous. Probably yours is a lealii. Check out mine. BTW do you know about anthurium mancuniense? I heard it is a treasure of Jamaica. Could you please share some story?

    By Anonymous Komang, at February 06, 2008 11:44 pm  

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