Sticky Fingers

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blooming red Gymno

I picked up two gymnos at the CSSM show in May 2007. They might both be the same species but I wasn't sure and figured there was no harm in getting both since they weren't so expensive (although I really had set out to get nothing). Overall I ended up buying four plants, and so far they are all okay.

Both Gymnos were budding but one apparently changed its mind and the little bump has disappeared. The other was quite happy to show its colours. The first bud shocked me when I took a close-up photo and found it covered in aphids.

Killed those bugs quickly, but the bud never managed to open properly.

The second flower bud has grown and finally opened over the past weekend. Although the bud doesn't look typical Gymnocalycium baldianum, I am assuming that as the identity until something better is offered to me. I am hoping that I get two blooms at the same time on different plants so that I may be able to get some seed from them.