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Monday, April 27, 2009

My entries in the JHS Flower Show 2009

This year I was persuaded to take in some plants for entry in the Jamaica Horticultural Society Flower Show 2009, which was this past weekend. I managed to persuade my aunt to enter some plants also.

These were my entries:

Aloe "Pepe" descoingii x haworthioides
- earned a third place award.
Aloe 'pepe' descoingsii x haworthioides

Echinopsis calochlora
Echinopsis calochlora

Second place award for
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Euphorbia aeruginosa
Surprise for me!
Euphorbia baioensis got a first place ribbon
Euphorbia baioensis

Euphorbia debilispina
Euphorbia debilispina

Gymnocalycium damsii
Gymnocalycium damsii

Haworthia attenuata 'variegata'
Haworthia attenuata

Third place for the Mammillaria beneckei.
My aunt's two plants took first and second.
Mammillaria beneckei

No award for this Sansevieria scabrafolia
Sansevieria scabrafolia

This Agave got a red ribbon - second place

Not sure if I want to do it again next year but it was a good experience and I haven't ruled it out yet. Still have quite some time to think about it and be more prepared if I decide to go again.


  • Hi, Jade. That Agave in the last photo is magnificent! Congrats on all your ribbons!

    By Anonymous Katie, at April 29, 2009 5:04 pm  

  • Thanks. The Agave has at least ten little ones so I hope to take off some offsets when they are a bit bigger.

    By Blogger Jade, at April 30, 2009 12:03 am  

  • thanks for posting some names of gymno and echinopsis. having trouble IDieng my cacti...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 30, 2010 11:44 pm  

  • I just gave away my Agave desmettiana variegata (the one in your last pic) to my local nursery as a holiday gift in December and I'm already regretting it. The only reason I did is because they're one of the least cold-hardy agaves I've owned, and get major damage outdoors here in zone 9A/8B.

    By Blogger CHRIS RAMEE, at February 12, 2012 10:48 pm  

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