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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Still slow (or so it seems)

I just don't know how to get past this. Maybe I'm down to once a month now, and should just try to work with that until I can figure out how to up the frequency.

What to write about? I hardly have time to keep my plants alive much less to process photos and other such excitement. Not that I don't want to, but all of a sudden it just feels like there is so much else to keep me busy -including spending time just doing NOTHING. That is something I have found I need to do more and more just to keep myself within a realm of sanity.

As usual, though, if nothing else I am trying to keep up with my baby babies, to see that they get to the stage of tolerating neglect. I sowed another batch of seed this past weekend, as though I even know where I'll put all these plants and if I'll have to time or energy to care for them. Trying to keep moving forward, at least.

These are some of my older babies - I guess about a year old or so - most of them. Photos from December... and not the best either but just what I have at hand right now.





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