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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stepping up the pace

I have realised that using the multi-cell trays with small squares gives me good results - at least for now, so I have been proceeding with some repotting within the space that I have. This weekend I completed another 120-cell tray and also a 156-cell tray. I have now reached my space limit under the verandah awning so I'll have to be creative if I want to continue on this path.

My photo log of the tray that I pinned out last January...

Freshly done in January 26, 2008

This was taken in September 2008

And what it looks like now, in March 2009

These have really grown, and the survival rate is very good - maybe because there is less soil to harbour pests and to rot the roots, I think.

Other trays....

These were pinned out in October 2008

Pinned out in January 2009

And last week's work

I finished today's activity after dark so I don't have photos of my most recent handiwork. Will try to remember to take some shots within the week.

I'm clearly not as impatient as I used to be - when I just started out growing from seed, I would pin out 4-month seedlings into 2" pots so that they would have space to grow. Now I don't have the space to be so generous so they stay in the seed pots (those are now smaller also) for over a year before I pin out - except for the faster growing species. It's all about learning and adapting as I go along.


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