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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aloe, aloe and kalanchoe!

I have decided to try to pay more attention to my non-cactus succulents. I realise I actually have quite a few but although those used to be the mainstay of my collection, the cacti have now far outstripped them in number and prominence.

So I have my kalanchoe/bryophyllum patch in the stumpery, and I am working on a bed of aloes around the base of the Poor Man's Orchid. If it does well then I may move to the backyard and create some beds around the base of those trees, although there is a lot more shade around there.

So this is my aloe bed so far ....

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And this is my kalanchoe/bryophyllum patch, which is quite a mess now - hopefully it will grow into better order ....

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