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Monday, February 20, 2006

A few of my mammillarias

Mammillaria decipiens
I thought I would start today with one of my plants that has flowered this week. I got this Mammillaria decipiens FO-140 San Luis Potosi from Mesa Garden in March 2005. In December, during one of my detailed inspections, I saw signs of budding (three, to be exact), and this week they have finally opened.

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Mammillaria decipiens ssp albescens
I also have another plant that has been identified as being Mammillaria decipiens ssp albescens. I have had trouble keeping up with the name changes, because I had identified this from books as being camptotricha var albescens, and the genus used to be Dolichothele.

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This one, I got from Evergrow in January 2005 as a slightly sad plant that I thought was going to die on me. It had signs of rot near the base, and I was so worried that it would spread. In any case, I took it out of the soil and left it dry for ages since it seemed better to leave it in suspense than the watch it rot away. Finally I got the courage to re-introduce it to the earth, and fortunately it seemed to have overcome its ailment to start growing and pupping. That got me really excited, and then in December, it put out a flower.

Little did I know that this was just the start of the flowering season, and by February it was showing several at once, while putting on more pups. I am watching them to figure out when it will be best to take an offset to start a new plant. I like to at least make one offset plant just in case the momma has any problems.

December 2005 .........................................February 2006
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Mammillaria decipiens ssp camptotricha
In fact, at the time, I got two similar plants from Evergrow, but one of them succumbed to rot - fortunately I had taken some offsets and so of that one I have two small plants although their momma didn't make it. I have presumed it to be the subspecie camptotricha but can't confirm it until it blooms so I just have to be patient.

This is one of the babies in a 2" pot in February 2006 - it was offset as a tiny pup in January 2005 and I am trying to carefully nurture it to maturity.

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Mammillaria baumii
AND, although this one is not blooming, the last of my featured mamms for the day is Mammillaria baumii. I do not even remember where I got this, but it was sometime in 2004. I suspect that it was one of the tiny plants that I got from Wallace in the course of that summer. The first photo is what it looked like in October 2004 - I had put it into a relatively large pot because I thought it was going to spread like the prolifera does. For a long while it seemed to be doing nothing, and then finally it started to pup, and although it still has quite a way to go to fill that pot, the second (February 2006) photo shows where it has reached after a year and a half.

October 2004 .................................................February 2006

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