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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Euphorbia flanaganii - already got flowers


What a difference the environment makes to a plant.

Stuck my euphorbia flanagani in a pot pretty much with just sandy soil, watered and put it in the garden....

And now I have flowers - small as they are but ... I hope I can get seeds!

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I am still working on getting the euphorbia mammilaris into a big concrete pot - got the pots but they need to be painted so I haven't potted them up yet - they're just hanging around loose without any soil, out in the sun and getting rain and water just the same. The six pieces all look very content so I'm not worried.

All week I have been focusing on restoration after the four months of neglect. Many of my tiny seedlings didn't make it, not for the lack of care but for the disturbance caused by mice and/or lizards. What fun they must have had digging! So those that made it have been repotted and I'm now looking at trying to ensure that they are protected for my next period of absence.

Although cacti are slow growers, they surely do respond quickly to watering after a period of drought - everything has perked up and filled out and seem to be getting back to normal. Little do they know that in two weeks it's back to the drought and famine. But at least they can enjoy the care and attention while it lasts.


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