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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Echinopsis eyriesii (maybe)

This was ID'ed as Echinopsis eyriesii by the helpful and knowledgeable folks on the GW C&S Forum but I am waiting (like with so many others) for a bloom to confirm it.

I first got this from a fellow enthusiast who lives in St. Ann, bursting out of a 4-inch pot. It must have been in early 2004, because by that summer it was nesting cozily in a 6" pot. In the photo below, the Echinopsis is in the upper right corner. Keeping it company are Gymnocalycium damsii (top left), Mammillaria sheldonii (centre), Echeveria (bottom centre), Kalanchoe tomentosa (bottom right), Mammillaria elongata (extreme right), and Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (extreme left).

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I potted up to a 12" concrete pot in December 2004, and it has grown and grown but still no flowers! My friend in St. Ann gets buds all over his clumps - bloom after bloom with apparently very little effort. I hope that this will be my year. From left: Dec 2004, Dec 2005, Feb 2006 ...

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Hopefully my next post on this plant will be a beauty! Fingers crossed - flowers, flowers, flowers.....


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