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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Didn't even take the photos

I can't believe after all that effort to pot up the euphorbias I didn't even take photos to record them just as they got into their new pots. Silly of me!

Will have to get them on camera when I next go home.

I'm now contemplating buying more plants - a lot more plants - but maybe that's not such a good idea but then I think maybe it is a good idea and I'm just back and forth about it all the time. I guess I still intend to buy but if I don't get to then it will be a sign that I shouldn't make that investment. I mean, the hassle with the import process is enough to just make me say, what the heck! Easier to just work with seeds and be patient. Some of the seedlings are starting to look like real plants so that's actually encouraging - makes me want to go for more even though it wil be at least two years before any satisfying results can be seen.

These are plants sowed between May and August 2004 - about a year and a half old now. Hope they make it to maturity.

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Still thinking of what to do - have my list of seeds right here contemplating and also the list of plants. Whichever way, I know I want more and more. Call me greedy but...


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