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Thursday, January 26, 2006

And still more

In the past few weeks, I have just been giving in to this unreasonable urge to get more plants. I want to get the ones I don't have and expand my collection. And in some cases I am getting some that I have already but that look somewhat different, just because I like them. I am still contemplating what seeds I will get also.

So I got some plants to put in my window in Boston because I now just like to have cacti around me wherever I am, even if I will have to leave them when it is time to go. And I hooked up a little shelf - I think I need to fix it up better but for now they won't fall and they are where they get the most sun they can. This will be my brief experience of raising cacti indoors in a cold climate.

Six mammillarias, three euphorbias, and two notocacti. These have been added to the nine plants I had in Boston before so I hope that little collection will keep me satisfied until June. I suppose as long as I don't go shopping and see more that I don't have I will be fine - but the chances of that are slim. I always go shopping.

I'm about to start a major repotting exercise at home - pot up the new plants and repot many of the old ones - clean up their roots and refresh the soil and get them ready for a new growing season. I hope I see good results this year and many flowers. I used to just want to keep the cacti alive and healthy, but now I want more! I want to see those beautiful flowers even though I am told that the climate is too warm for them to set their buds over the "winter" But I will see. I think they are more adaptable than that and some of them, at least, will make the extra effort. If I have success, I will post the photos as they come along.


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