Sticky Fingers

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


My Euphorbia mammillaris variegata and Euphorbia mammillaris were both doing very well in their pot out in the garden - seemed to be so happy as they started growing and putting on offsets and spines?? and I thought all was fine. Just look and see for yourself.

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What shock and horror to discover that within two days after taking the photo, two of the three plants were halfway rotted through - something just raced up the stem to try to send them to an early grave. Well, they have been salvaged and cut off, hopefully above the point of rot, and all that can now be done is to wait and see if it has been checked, and then to see if the remaining sections will recover and reroot.

The third plant (with no sign of rot) has been also unpotted and washed clean to be given a fresh start - there may have been fungus lurking in the soil so treatment is needed to try to prevent future damage and loss.


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