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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mammillaria plumosa

I got this Mammillaria plumosa from Manny at the Jamaica Horticultural Society Flower Show in April 2004. Just a single little golf-ball thing in a 2" pot - I thought it was so cute and nice to touch. Of course, I wanted to see it grow, so up into a 4" pot it went as soon as I could do it. Here are the July and December 2004 photos.

July 2004 .........................................December 2004
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Slowly, so slowly did it grow (as you can see), and I wondered why mine was not putting on babies like the other ones I saw Manny with. But patience ... just have to be patient. After worrying about too much water and rotting and so on, because the books all say to hardly water it I figured out where to put it and how to treat it, and 2005 was a much more productive year. With time have come babies, and now flowers. I hope that this is just the start of its 2006 flowering season, and that there will be many more flowers to enjoy.

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My other plumosa, which bears yellow flowers, hasn't done anything yet, but I have my fingers crossed.


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