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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The front yard (or should I call it a garden?)

For many years we have battled to maintain a lawn in front of the house. I remember years ago when my sister and I took on the task to dig everything up and replant with zoysia grass, because that was the type we wanted - nice and thick like we saw at other houses. Well, we did try, but with little success because the crabgrass, the nutgrass, and the weeds just outcompeted the zoysia. Some of the zoysia really took though, but only sort of along the edges.

In any case, years later the battle was still on. Not to mention that we had taken to parking on the "lawn" regularly so the grass was having a very hard time - not even the crabgrass was managing to hold on.

This was the view early this February. Just ignore the people, the SUV that has been grinding down the grass and the dogs who so enjoyed the shade under the vehicle that they would proceed to scratch out further whatever was there to make a "soft spot??" to lie in. You may, however, look at the various pots set out - those are some of my cacti and succulents. Now, focus on the patch of dirt there in the middle. That is the challenge.

Dear HH took up the task to deal with the eyesore after I left. The girl's birthday party was coming up in March and he felt that we could get grass by then.

It was a lot of work to dig up the area and set in grass - then to keep it watered for it to catch.

After all that, the loose dirt was just too much of a temptation for the dogs to resist, and they dug a lot of it out. What fun for them!

HH would have strung them over a barrel, but instead he took appropriate preventive measures against future invasions.

So by the time of the party, the grass was well on its way, and we could present a decent face for our guests. After the rain started in April the real results could be seen. HH even had to get the lawnmower to restore it to good order. Here is the lawn (and it can now be called a lawn) - fully grassed, green, and lush. Parking is now prohibited.

I now need to figure out a way to lay out all those big concrete pots so it doesn't look so much like a graveyard. Any suggestions?


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