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Friday, August 24, 2007

Some Haworthias

I'm happy to report that we survived Hurricane Dean quite well with minimal damage, but I'm still in the process of uploading the photos I took during and after the hurricane, so until I have those ready for posting I thought I would go ahead and share these Haworthia and Aloe plants that I was planning to write about just before I was interrupted by Dean's approach.

I keep these fairly sheltered from the sun and rain and water regularly (kind of), but I rarely take the time to really look and see how they are doing. So I lifted out some of them into this saucer and they are now more exposed but also more accessible. I just need to watch out for sunburn.

A closer look at some of them:

Haworthia retusa geraldii - one of the gems I got at one of the CSSM meetings while I was in Boston last year - now twice the original size.

Haworthia obtusa - got a tiny offset from my aunt and it has flourished - hers has since perished so I should be preparing an offset to return to her. See why it's good to share plants??

Haworthia coarctata v coarctata - Do I even remember where I got this?? All I know is that it is a very slow grower for me, but it is still considerably bigger than when I got it, shows no signs of distress, and I have set one of the offsets to make a new plant.


  • Glad all's well and the storm damage for you was minimal. I checked your blog most every day, wondering about it. I also have some Haworthias and Aloes planted under the shade of a Palo Verde tree. Verbena has just about covered them up, so I don't check on them very often. This reminds me I need to do that...

    By Blogger No Rain, at August 26, 2007 2:04 am  

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