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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I lost the bird's nest battle!

For months now, I have been doing battle with a bird on a regular basis, trying to keep my Euphorbia baioensis clear of twigs and other stuff being used to make a nest. Every time I would remove them, they would re-appear few days after.

Well, it seems as though she had no more time to wait (guess the eggs are due or something), so last weekend she worked for two days straight (in the pouring rain) so that when I got out in the garden on Saturday evening when the rain eased up, her nest was completed, with roof and all! I can't dismantle it now, after all her hard work.

I haven't been able to take her photo, but it seems to be a grass quit that has chosen this particular plant as her preferred abode. Hope she does not plan to make it permanent, because I will have to get rid of the nest after she has laid her eggs and had her babies. HH thinks it might be two birds at work, but I'm not sure - although it does look like a condo. I guess we will know soon enough.


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