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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Young Mammillaria balsasoides

This is the largest of the Mammillaria balsasoides seedlings from my April batch. Three months after sowing...

The seeds of this species are unusually large. I only got 10 seeds but now I have 8 seedlings! I think that is a pretty good germination rate, and I hope to see them survive the rigours of my garden. This one has already been potted up into a 2" pot and is out in semi-sun, and I want to get the others potted up soon. I got enough pots - just need to have enough soil and enough space!

This is supposed to be very similar to the Mammillaria beneckei (which I already have mature plants of) but this one is self-fertile, clusters less easily, and the offsets are more firmly attached. At least, so I am told. I guess in a few years I will (hopefully) find out for myself. I wonder what would happen if the two were cross-pollinated. Maybe something for me to try later on when I have babies that are all grown up.



  • Hi there! I enjoy reading your blog and find catus interesting as well. You have a wonderful blog with so many interesting plants!

    By Blogger Karen, at July 24, 2007 7:23 pm  

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