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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Been repotting my "seedlings"

This past week I have been potting up some of my plants grown from seed into 4" pots since I am trying to make space for the tiny ones under a year old that now need to be put out into the "open". The problem is, while I make space for small seedlings this way, the big ones now have no place to go. I think I potted up about 15 or so, and they take up at least twice as much space as before.


Actually, this may be the time that I need to get going on building that greenhouse since my collection is steadily expanding and demanding more space. I have just sowed some of the seeds that I got on my recent trip to San Diego and I have a lot more of those to work with. Don't know where they will all go but I still feel the need to try to grow all these different species. Not satisfied with just having a bunch of cactus - need to know what they are and feel that they are "my babies", so I don't even have the great urge to get pre-grown plants except for those that I know are really hard to grow from seed.

Still working on improving my success rate and keeping these babies alive to maturity. I think I'm actually getting better, but it's still hard when I watch a whole batch just keel over for no apparent reason when I thought they were well on their way. I think I 've found some conditions that are quite favourable, so my recent batches have had a high survival rate so far. Again I wonder - where am I going to put all those when they grow up?

I'm sure something will work out.



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