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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going to try some grafting

I think I will try to graft a couple of my seedlings tomorrow. I now have several Pereskiopsis so I will experiment with two of them and see how well it works out. Now I just have to choose which of my many seedlings will get the honour - maybe the last of my Coryphantha mix seedlings since the others have all passed away and this one is holding on but I'm so afraid to do much with it since I have little luck with these. Or maybe the Obregonia denegrii, Gymnocactus, Turbinicarpus, Glandulicactus - so many to choose from that I don't know will make it on their own.

I still have a lot of seed that I got from Jordi and need to sow those before they are no longer viable although I am really wondering where I will put so many plants of they all (or even half) survive. Last week I got the seed that Bill sent for me and I've been cleaning them out for the weekend so I will be starting those soon - maybe on Monday.

There are still so many species that I don't have but want to get and will be trying to grow from seed if I can get my hands on any. If I find that I am successful with my grafting experiment, then I will be able to work with some that I find difficult to keep alive while small seedlings.

Will keep you all updated in my progress with this.


  • Good luck on your grafting. I've never tried it, but have purchased a few grafted cacti. What kind of seeds are you looking for?

    By Blogger No Rain, at August 06, 2007 12:33 pm  

  • Aiyana,

    There are so many names on my sed list that I wouldn't know where to start - quite a few Mamms, some Gymnos, several Parodias, and others.

    I am able to get most seeds if I really try but I also have to plan around the amount of space I have and the time I can take to devote to a batch of seedlings. Whenever I get a large amount going at once the mortality rate is high because I can't monitor them closely enough and especially when it comes time for repotting all those small babies it can be overwhelming.

    By Blogger Jade, at August 06, 2007 1:55 pm  

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