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Friday, August 17, 2007

Preparing for a hurricane

Tomorrow I will be moving all my exposed plants to the shelter of the verandah, as we prepare for Hurricane Dean to affect us starting early on Sunday. I'm mostly concerned about making sure the plants I grew from seed are okay, and any others I might consider to be delicate or special.

Apart from that, all there is to do is clear up anything that might become a missile in the wind, and batten down in the house while the storm passes. Hope there won't be too much damage, and there's still time for the storm to divert and not affect us so severely.

I have been taking photos of my plants from seed to update my Webshots page - it's more than I realised and taking a while. I suppose I just need to do a little at a time all the time and I'll be able to keep everything fairly up-to-date. I'm now up to just over 250 plants from seed that are now over two years old. At the rate I'm going, with the improved survival rate of my seedlings, I'll have quite a lot in another year or so.


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