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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Info on the Euphorbia

Now that I have a minute - to elaborate on the plant I just posted.

This particular plant shown actually grows faster than others that I have of the same species. I've just cut off two pieces from this one to set new plants since it's now the only one of this strain in my collection. It's potted in a 16" or 18" clay pot, and is about 2 feet high, measured from the soil surface.

The other cristate Euphorbia lactea in my collection has grown through its pot into the ground, but now that it has become top-heavy (started out as a regular lactea) it has fallen over and all my efforts to prop it up have failed. So it has been lying on its side for the last two or three weeks. I need to do something about it soon.


  • WOW...yours is really BIG!!! I know what you mean about top heavy! I bought two small ones, and gave one to my cousins fiance and she planted hers outside and it is 4 times larger than mine now (Mine is still in a pot).
    Yours is very special...I love it!

    By Blogger Julie, at April 13, 2008 8:13 pm  

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