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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Echinopsis calochlora?

These may be Echinopsis calochlora and they may not. Could be some hybrid. The ID is based on the body colour and shape but I have many plants that look like this that I got from several different sources - from my aunt, my friend's mother, the Inspector, a nursery in St. Ann, Manny, and maybe others. I don't want to say for sure that they are the same until I see them all flower. And that is a trick I am yet to figure out how to accomplish - no sign of blooms on any of them, big or small.

This is my biggest clump - grown from an offset I got from my aunt. This is a 300 mm (12") concrete pot.

I recently got another one from Manny, already in bud so I got a chance to see the flower. I can't give myself credit for it, though, and still hope that the ones grown in my normal conditions will be stirred into action soon.

The plant.....

And close-up of the flower.


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