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Friday, November 10, 2006

A week already??

What have I done for the week?? Time is just flying by and I'm not keeping up.

I went to an Orchid Show on Sunday but since we got there very late and it had been raining they were just about finished by the time we got there. We managed to buy a few things - not that I wanted any orchids but my aunt did! I got about 4 bromeliads and will see how I do with them - they are kind of interesting and seem to be easy to care - the conditions they need don't seem to be much different from those for the cacti and other succulents.

This week I sowed some more seed - but not many because I'm trying to work with manageable amounts. I've started to see growth in the ones I sowed last weekend and I only hope that they stay healthy and strong, since I got the seed from a friend in South Carolina and I'd love to be able to show him some plants in a few months (or years).

Tomorrow I plan to pot up some offsets that have been languishing in a tray, so that I can start them growing again, since I'm thinking about preparing for the Horticultural Society Show in April - I had planned to display but not sell, and now I'm reconsidering. So since I don't spend much time propogating, I figured I should start now to give them time to grow up and be ready - just in case.

Maybe I will sow some more seed on the weekend - I have some seed that is now quite old, and I suppose I should just sow them and see if I have any luck with germination. No sense in keeping seed until it's no longer viable, even if I don't really want more of the particular plant (can always sell them, right?).

I have taken photos of some of my Mammillarias that are now in bloom - not the fancy ones but I still appreciate them. Those I will post (hopefully) during the week.


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